In the face of

The year is under way, and much must be done in the face of worldwide financial difficulties. It seems as if everything is accelerating towards what the Bible calls, the ‘end’. But the end will only come when the job is done. The ‘job’ is for the church to reach the world with the same gospel of truth and power that Jesus lived and preached.

The challenge must be met whilst facing or staring down the opposition. Whatever it is that is standing in the way of fulfilling your calling, it has to be faced and defeated. No use coming to the end without finishing what was started. So fight.

Here are some questions you must answer for yourself to make any progress in the face of everything that may stand in your way.

  • What is it that you are absolutely committed to stand by against all odds?

  • What must still be clarified in your thinking?

  • What next step must you take to avoid staying stuck?

  • Who is it that you must connect with to move forward?

  • What promise are you standing on to see you through?

  • Why will it worth it all at the end?

Get past these and you are well on the way to fulfillment in the face of…



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