See the light or feel the heat

If you are in God’s family, you are expected to grow up into maturity and that is going to involve some changes. It takes courage to let go of habits and patterns that you have come to rely on. The Bible teaches that God is not going to change, so we are without any options. We are the ones who are to make the changes. We are faced with a choice: see the light of God’s plan or feel the heat of negative circumstances that force you to seek deliverance.

 It is natural to feel secure in what you have always been doing. In a weird way, you many people are comfortable in old habits where things are predictable, even if the circumstances are not good. However, God sees things differently. He loves you too much to leave you the way you have been. He’s committed to your success and wants to you to walk free from old destructive lifestyles.

 Things You Need to Know About Change

 Most people change only when they feel the heat, changing just enough to get away from their immediate problems. They escape from the heat, get some relief, but are not enlightened to completely break free. They cut off a branch or two, but don’t deal with the root issues. The old issues come back after a while. This can be very discouraging. Have you ever painted an old rusty piece of metal? After a while you are back to square one. You have to paint it again.

 Still others want to change the circumstances around them to improve their lives, but don’t want to change their lives to improve their circumstances. The solution to solving spiritual problems is to work from the inside out, not from the outside in.  For example if you are unhappy, going out and buying some new thing at the shops may temporarily get your mind off your circumstances. But very soon the same old ache is there. You have to receive and walk in the Lord’s joy that is not dependent on circumstances but on His everlasting and unchanging love.

 When you are not prepared to pay the immediate price of change, you will wind up paying the ultimate price. All change requires some discomfort and uncertainty. It’s the price you have to pay.

 You cannot afford to have false hopes about change either. You cannot hope for different results without changing your old habits. To get to where you have never been, you have to do something you have never done before. It takes courage to make changes. Thank God, He has more than enough courage to give those who see the light of a better place, ask for His help and make the necessary changes.

 Remember that simply having a desire to change is not enough. In order to enjoy the delight that successful changes bring, you have to undergo the discipline it takes to get there. That is why patience is a virtue you must cultivate. Your ship does not always turn around on a dime. Some situations are quite involved and take time to change. The Bible teaches that through both faith and patience we inherit the benefits of God’s promises (Hebrews 6:12). Start making decisions that point you in another direction and be patient. God is faithful.

 Encouraging Examples of People who Changed

 Gideon had a poor self-image but changed to become God’s mighty man of valor. Moses was a man who took matters into his own hand, murdered someone, but was later called to lead a nation. Peter, who started off as an impulsive headstrong fisherman, changed from being like ‘shifting sand’ to a ‘solid rock’. He became dependable and reliable, a pillar in the church. Doubting Thomas changed from walking by sight to walking by faith. Saul was a religious zealot who changed into a super saint under the power of God’s word. God gave us all these examples to instill hope in us. Be of good courage. The best is yet to come.

 Called to Reign in This Life

 There is a purpose behind change. You are called to rule and reign over sin, sickness and all that the enemy tries to throw at you (Romans 5:17). To establish this position of dominion requires change, and change requires growth. To reign as a king over negative circumstances, you have to grow up in the ways of a king.

 Yes, you have been born into God’s royal family, called to serve Him as a royal priesthood, but to enjoy that fulfillment you have to grow up spiritually in that position given to you when you were born again.

 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people… 1 Peter 2:9

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