Dreams are worth Dreaming


James 1:17

17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights…    

Everything that comes from God is good. This includes the dreams He gives. They are worth living for, are never empty of His power to bring them to pass. That makes them good.

Dreams are the language of the future, and when you place proper value on what you are sensing from the Lord, His dreams become His gift to you. Dreams determine your destiny and also of those you influence. Whatever you do always has an impact on someone else’s life in some way at some time.

 God wants you to leave a positive life imparting legacy behind you, and the dream He has given you is the means to that end.


Dreams in General

A dream is any picture, thought, vision, hope or aspiration of a preferred or better future. Dreams may come while asleep (the typical definition) or while awake: a daydream. In a general sense, your desires, imagination, goals and personal convictions are the stuff of dreams. We are all dreamers in some way, and ‘see’ or imagine some future possibility.

Dreams are not empty ‘fairy’ tale wishes but the powerful mechanism by which you create something out of ‘nothing’. In this way you fulfill that aspect of your make up that is created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26a). He made you to be ‘like’ Him.

In this context, God is the creator, and wants you to play your part in ‘creating’ your future in accordance with His revealed will. Think about it. God has set it up that you have an integral part to play in ‘creating’ your own future. You don’t live in a vacuum. God has made His move, and now it is up to you to understand His ways and respond in faith to fulfill your destiny.


What the Bible Says About Dreams

First, both the Old and New Testaments record many accounts of people having dreams that either informed, or inspired or warned them of things to come.

Joseph dreamt of his future leadership role in the family (Genesis 35:5-10), Solomon had God appear to Him in a dream challenging him to ask for what he wanted (1 Kings 3:5), and Joseph, Mary’s betrothed, was comforted about her innocence when you fell pregnant by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:20-21). Later Joseph is warned by an angel in another dream to flee to Egypt with his young family (Matthew 2:13). Even Pilate’s wife is troubled by a dream about her husband’s dealings with Jesus at His sham trial (Matthew 27:19), and the great apostle Paul’s ministry is directed in a new path to Macedonia (Greece) by a ‘night vision’ or dream (Acts 16:9).

In these and many other instances, there is a manifest supernatural element evident in God given dreams. God is supernatural, and reserves the right to communicate with mankind this way. We would do well to open up to God in this area of communication and pay more attention to our dream life.

Of course there are some dreams that replay in some form life’s fears, hopes, unresolved postures and attitudes. Generally these dreams are quickly forgotten. However, God given spiritual dreams are not easily forgotten, but remembered years later. They have a definite impact on our aspirations and hopes and form the seed for our futures.

These dreams must be properly interpreted as there is a tendency to read additional things into the dream when we awaken. Specifically ask God to help you interpret a dream you feel is from Him. It is good to test all things. God doesn’t mind, and it could save you a lot of later disappointment. Be prepared to receive clarification or even correction as you walk humbly before God in this.

The Bible record shows that the people who had these supernatural dreams did not have them every night. They certainly did not run around saying: ‘God said thus and so’ one day, and then say another thing the next day as the circumstances changed. God is not the author of confusion. Such ‘religious super-spirituality’ should be avoided. It is always wise to check things out before presumptively stepping out. God has a process and a plan, provision and even a specific set of people to link up with. There is also a precious sense of timing that needs to be followed. Young Joseph found out all this after a thirteen year ‘delay’.

Regarding dreams in a general sense, the Bible does teach us that when we consecrate our lives to God, He will interact with us to show us things to come by means of His Word and His Spirit. As we grow in our relationship with Him, and trust and maturity grows, the thoughts we have about the future become an integral part of our dream arsenal.

God wants us to closely follow His promptings and develop a level of sensitivity to His voice so that what seems good to Him will also seem good to us.    

 Acts 15:28-29

For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things:

There was agreement between the Holy Spirit and the leadership as to what to say. In this instance of guidance, it was ‘naturally’ supernatural. No hype, fanfare, bombast, just a simple, but no less supernatural ‘it seemed good’. Never force anything with God. He is not obliged to operate in spectacular ways, nor according to your timetable. If His leading is indeed spectacular, so be it. When Moses and the Israelites saw the Red Sea parting in front of them it surely was a spectacular sight. But note it only took them three short days after this great event to start complaining. Faith expressed through obedience is what sustains you far better in the long run. Dramatic displays of the miraculous get your attention, but faith that comes by hearing God’s Word will always stand the test of time and circumstance.

Faith is the connector between your dream and the realization of that dream in the future. Faith comes when you stay ‘hooked’ up to God. He wants you to hear and keep on hearing His Word as a cornerstone of your devotion and resultant lifestyle.

Romans 10:17-18

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Conviction grows as faith grows. Conviction leads to change, and change impacts the future.

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