How To Make Each Day A Masterpiece

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How to Make Each Day a Masterpiece

To bring an order to each day so that it does not point aimlessly at some vague future hope, consider doing the following.

First, value your day the same way God does, He does not waste a single one. Treat it as God’s gift to you. You will have to give an account to God for the stewardship of your time. It is not yours to do with as you please. Like Jesus, we are to work while it is day (John 9:4) and ‘redeem’ the time (Ephesians 5:16), or make the most of the opportunities God gives us each day.

Second, find out from God the chief purpose for each day. In this way you can order any sub goals to fit into the God given framework for that day. For example, if Sunday is a day for rest and spiritual replenishment, why would you want to dishonor that day’s purpose by not going to church, and rather working in the yard, running all over town shopping, and finishing up drained and exhausted? Look ahead at your day and ask yourself whether what you plan to do will bring you closer to your life goals or not. Change your plans if they do not. Live an examined life.

If the day is primarily for preparation, then prepare, don’t clutter up the day with other pursuits. Start small, win often and build momentum that way. David killed the bear and lion, before he took on a giant. Things build over time.

Third, decide not to carry any regrets from yesterday’s failures, disappointments and frustrations into today. They only suck the life out of you. Don’t be like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus who said to Jesus, ‘We were hoping’ (Luke 24:21) as they looked back on the disappointment of the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus just three days earlier. Here Jesus was with right there with them, very much alive in their midst, and yet they did not recognize Him because of their consuming sorrow. It took this act of God to come to them, arrest their descent into mediocrity and bring them back on the path to their destiny. What will it take for you to see Jesus in your present, without looking back in the rear view mirror of regret? Make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Fourth, and connected to this, is to have an attitude of gratitude each day for the good and perfect gifts God He gives you. Learn to rejoice in the positives and reject the negatives. A thankful heart keeps the ‘switch’ of faith turned on. Grumbling and complaining keeps you from your better tomorrows. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness of unfruitful living for forty long years because they grumbled and complained on what should have been a short two to three week journey towards the Promised Land.

Fifth, consecrate each day in prayer to the Lord in the morning. The rest of the day is sanctified this way, and things go smoother when you release your faith ‘with your mouth’ in the morning before the day starts. Speak God’s promises over your day. This gives God a chance to direct your day, rather than let it wash over you like an indiscriminate incoming tide. How is this so? God backs up His promises, and when you speak them in faith, He is there to watch over them.

Sixth, at the end of the day take time to relax, reflect on your progress and replenish your spirit soul and body. If indeed each day is God’s gift to us, then thanksgiving at the end of a day is always appropriate. If you have had a hard day, find something in it to rejoice over. Focus on that, rather than the negatives. Keep a personal journal where you write down the Lord’s encouragements, promises, and insights. Your end of day reflections will definitely propel you forward into the next day with greater wisdom and confidence. Writing things down in a journal gives God a chance to help you clarify the issues and get His perspective on what happens.

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