Can My Destiny Be Delayed ?

Yes, destiny can be delayed; the Israelites wandering though the wilderness provide a classic example. Personally, your destiny can be delayed because of four main reasons.

First, you can delay your destiny by faulty theology where you believe God as responsible for absolutely everything: good or bad. Offense can get in if you believe God is responsible for the bad things in your life. There is no accountability for human sin in this way of thinking.

Second, scripture teaches that destiny can be delayed when you do not aggressively pursue your future with the authority God has given you. He has made His move, paid the price, paved the way and now it is your turn to press in and lay hold of what He has promised you. You must be doer of the Word.

Third, delays come when you presumptuously step out ahead of God in the flesh without enquiring of Him as to His timing or strategy in the pursuit of His purposes (future).

In cases like these, you will hear a voice behind you saying: ‘This is the way, walk in it’ (Isaiah 30:21). The reason God is behind you is because you have gone ahead of Him and turned to your own way. You may have started well with Him leading you, but if you are not diligent, you can go astray by getting ahead of God.

Fourth, if you accurately hear God’s instructions at first you will make good progress. But if you then slip into ‘cruise’ mode, inertia will lull you into a sort of spiritual ‘sleep walking’. God expects you to be wide awake and make the necessary mid course corrections to hit your target.

Make choices to avoid these causes, and although delays seem irredeemable to us, God is well able and willing to turn things around when we cooperate with Him.

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