Source – Process – Focus

Starting in new place can be daunting. Whether your transition is geographical, a new job or even a new season in life, like going to college, marriage, whatever, if you don’t keep the big picture in mind you can easily lose perspective and get caught up in the details of the transition.

Recently, we have made a major geographical move from California to Washington State with plans to pioneer a new church called Seattle Life Church on the Eastside. See

All the start up stuff needed when you move into a new area can get overwhelming if you don’t keep your eyes on the foundational reason you made the move in the first place: Jesus is still building His Church, His way, and for His purposes. Really, all else misses the mark and is a waste of time energy and money.

This scripture has challenged me as a vital checklist: is anything (and everything) I do finding its source in Christ, relying on His life and focussed on Him? Here it is:

“For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things…” Romans 11:36 (Emphasis added).

Yes that’s all things: no separation between the secular and sacred here – nothing excluded. Whatever we do must start with Him, be played out with His ways and land up bringing Him glory.

Thankfully, we can ask Him for wisdom in whatever we do, starting each day knowing that the abundance of His grace will empower, cover us and put a stamp of His favor on anything we do. His grace and mercy is a great catch-net which gives us the confidence to step out and be the witness He has called us to be.

He’s our benevolent Father and wants us to do well, and bring Him glory in our sphere of influence.

So ‘no worries, mate’ – or as the Bible says: “Be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6 NKJV)

He’s got you covered!

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