Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ,…
2 Corinthians 5:20

Any believer is Christ’s representative to a world that is suffering from unscrupulous people who very often use, manipulate and let them down every day. People are wary of those that seek only to take, and even misrepresent the truth. The truth is still the whole truth and nothing but the truth! As His ambassador, we must accurately reflect Christ’s person, nature, purposes and integrity.

Ambassadors of old were close to the heart of the kings and potentates they represented. They spent time in their presence, discovering the way their leader would act and react to a variety of situations. Even when they went to a far land as an ambassador, they were frequently called back to the leader to ensure that they were not being unduly influenced by the culture and practice of the people they were now living with.

It works the same way today with the Lord. If you are not careful, the ways of the world will subtly influence your way of thinking and practice. As His ambassador you have to constantly be renewed in the spirit of your mind as you meditate on how the Lord thinks in every situation. You have to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding you in every new moment where you have to bring God’s wisdom into the picture. Of course the Holy Spirit will always lead you in line with the scripture, so a thorough knowledge of the scripture is the foundation on which we are lead in any specifics.

Spend time simply soaking up God’s wisdom through His Word and familiarizing yourself with the voice of the ‘Good Shepherd’: He trusts you enough to call you His ambassador.

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