The Money Moment

This well balanced resource can be used by church leaders and congregation alike to establish a pleasing and fruitful lifestyle of giving.

Table of Contents

How to Use this Book 11
Section A: How to Encourage Giving 13
Section B: Money Moment Practicalities 31
Section C: Money Moments 45
Section D: Special and Annual Days 165
Section E: Useful Resource Material 189
Introduction 190
God's View of Prosperity 193
Promised Prosperity 197
Why Prosper? 203
Receive Your Prosperity 205
Pitfalls to Avoid 210
Be Practical 215
How to Deal with Debt 219
God's Financial Program 223
Possess Your Prosperity 229
Tithes and Offerings 232
Additional Scriptures by Topic 237
Section F: On the Lighter Side 243